Wholehearted commitment to sustainable actions

Sustainability is a concept that can be applied to many aspects of a company. From ESG compliance to business strategy, from governance choice to employee education, we commit to an integral approach that informs the daily activities just as much as the very essence of GDS.

Corporate Sustainability

To create long-term value for stakeholders and clients we have implemented sustainable practices at every stage of our business, with clear and measurable goals to guide our daily actions.

Our core values are enshrined in the Code of Ethics, which represents our standards of respect, integrity and responsibility, well aware of the positive impact we can have beyond corporate boundaries.

As proof of this commitment, we started to publish our corporate sustainability goals in non-economic reports, and we collaborate with organizations, institutions and other companies to address environmental and social challenges.

Climate and environment

We defined and adopted clear and measurable sustainability goals to guide our daily actions. Through this strategy, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by continuously improving product design and business processes.

We believe that every product can be eco-by-design, expressing its maximum functional effectiveness while respecting the environment and meeting customers’ expectations.

From research and development phases to renewable energy and autonomy, our solutions are based on eco-sustainable, traceable, recycled raw materials. The LCA certifications allow us to quantify energy consumption, environmental impact and to issue ecological labels. A commitment to sustainability that goes beyond industry standards.

Social sustainability

We deeply care for our people. Listening to them, implementing concrete actions that meet their real needs, supporting gender equality throughout the many levels of our company.

Our attention to social inclusion is furthermore expressed in a selective choice of suppliers. We prefer local small businesses whose values include sustainable development and who share our goal to achieve a positive impact on society.

Ever-evolving pioneers

Rely on the quality and durability of our solutions, ensured by the in-house design of every key component and investing in skills, technologies and capacity that allow us to evolve constantly.

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Inclusion & diversity

A company that values and supports diversity is bound to thrive, drawing from a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and skills.
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