A mindful governance for a careful company

Including stakeholders and employees, ensuring turnover in the governing body, orienting and informing business decisions accurately: governance is the epitome of how we operate and build relationships.


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Sustainability principles

Our governance is built around sustainability and mutual trust

The Board of Directors features stakeholders and employees, alongside the shareholders. A three-year term of office for the members of the governing body ensures turnover in ideas and richful insights. Generational diversity is amongst the criteria for all new members nomination, and all board members are informed about the organisation’s ESG impacts.

We orient business decisions and operating procedures according to sustainability principles. A cross-functional work team reports directly to the CEO, and it is responsible for ESG initiatives and their implementation.

Compliance guidelines

Organizational and Management Model, Code of Ethics

The Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 has held companies responsible for offenses resulting from crimes committed in the interest – or to the advantage – of companies themselves by top management, staff, stakeholders.

With the aim of preventing crimes described in the Decree, on August 30, 2021 we adopted our own Organization, Management and Control Model (the “Model”) and a Group Code of Ethics. We require all GDS stakeholders to be compliant with these two documents ever since.

Customer satisfaction and leading technologies

Benefit from 45 years of developing and manufacturing leading edge technological solutions, passionately committed to excellence, accountability, outstanding customer service and helping our partners grow and evolve.

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Transparency is the key to every solid relationship. Here we publish and collect our sustainability and financial reports, ESG assessments, and the yearly publications for the future to come.

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