Proudly pioneering excellence

Benefit from 45 years of developing and manufacturing leading edge technological solutions, passionately committed to excellence, accountability, outstanding customer service and helping our partners grow and evolve.

Company Overview

Rely on the company which proudly pioneered solutions to achieve better optical performances, increased mechanical strength and improved thermal management. A relentless innovation shaped around technology, products, customers’ needs and our own identity.

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the industry with a first to market mindset. We believe this can be achieved only through excellence, accountability, outstanding customer service and helping our partners grow and evolve.

Governance The cornerstone of our operations

Built around sustainability and mutual trust, our governance ensures turnover in ideas, richful insights, and generational diversity. It orients our decisions according to sustainability principles, thanks to a deep attention to the organization’s ESG impacts and activities.

Our Governance east
Transparency and compliance

More than just virtues to believe in, they represent the occasion to review our operations and publish financial and sustainability reports to observe our accountability to stakeholders, clients and employees.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are an integral part of our company. We listen to their opinions, commit to addressing their needs and concerns, and involve them in pursuing our sustainability goals.

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Control of risks

We have implemented the best possible practices and policies to ensure effective control and mitigation of potential risks, preventing them wherever possible to ensure our security and stability.

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Annual reports

All our reports in one place

Transparency is the key to every solid relationship. Here we publish and collect our sustainability and financial reports, ESG assessments, and the yearly publications for the future to come.