Global Display Solutions obtains the UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification, a standard that acknowledges and certifies organizations' commitment to adopting concrete measures to foster a work environment that respects gender equality.

The standard, developed by UNI - the Italian National Unification Body - aims to support companies in implementing strategies and practices that promote equality between men and women in every aspect of work. The evaluation is based on precise and fundamental indicators such as culture and strategy, governance, HR processes, opportunities for women's growth and inclusion in the company, pay equity by gender, protection of parenthood, and work-life balance.

This milestone is not merely a certificate of compliance but rather the crystallization of a deep and ongoing commitment. "A company that values and supports diversity is bound to thrive, drawing from a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and skills. This not only strengthens our corporate culture but drives us towards innovation, resilience, and superior competitiveness. In this context, every employee feels valued and motivated to contribute to the best of their abilities, determining collective success and the growth of the entire company" says Giovanni Cariolato, CEO of GDS.