GDS launches Enerlight® Technology for Railways

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GDS has developed a new proprietary technology called Enerlight® to increase the WOW factor on the passenger travel experience by improve the quality of digital information displayed on LCD monitors used in Passenger Information Systems.

The Enerlight® technology offers a number of key benefits to users by providing a boost mode which allows the display to work with a higher brightness when necessary, providing perfect color calibration that will permit the exact reproduction of the color of the images shown, and produce a very low power consumption as well as a high image contrast due to the GDS optical enhancement G-BOND®. The Enerlight® technology in combination with GBond ® provides the sharpest video images, guards against vandalism and provides greater safety in case the front glass is broken. This also prevents any dust accumulation or condensation on the LCD for indoor and outdoor applications.

The most important benefit is the reduction of power consumption up to 50% less compare with other technologies. This is will not just reduce the cost for the Railways in term of energy, but will contribute to reduce the CO2 emissions.

As the digital information market continues to grow, these core attributes will allow new signage applications improving the existing solutions.

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