This significant milestone reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence and reliability, with a goal of making cutting-edge solutions accessible. These solutions not only meet the changing landscape of technology but also promote sustainable development and significantly improve people's quality of life.

Founded in 1979 as CA&G Elettronica, the company initially focused on the production of monitoring systems for closed circuits. A major turning point came at the end of the 1970s when Giovanni Cariolato, founder and CEO, recognized the potential of displays for personal computers, a then-nascent market. A chance meeting with IRET, an Apple distributor in Italy, opened the doors to the PC market, positioning the company as a key monitor supplier just as the computer industry began to flourish.

With the expansion of the personal computer market in the 1980s, CA&G Elettronica rapidly grew, exporting its products to Europe and beyond, and establishing a reputation for quality and innovation.

The 1990s brought new challenges and opportunities. Globalization and the reduction of customs duties opened Europe to Asian manufacturers, pushing the company towards diversification in the production of displays for industrial and commercial applications.

In 1999, this strategy culminated in a merger with Emco Electronics, creating Global Display Solutions, a multinational that combines technical expertise and production capacity on an international scale.

Today, with locations around the world, GDS operates as a global player in the markets of digital signage, industrial applications, LED lighting, and printers.

GDS wishes to thank its employees, customers, and partners for their support and trust, which have been the pillars of the company's success over the years.

The culture of innovation and continual progress are the foundations of GDS's success. Looking to the future, the company is determined to preserve this tradition of technological excellence, proactively responding to emerging market needs with the same passion and dedication that have characterized it to this point.