Driving key solutions in Africa, the Middle and Far East with GDS-Hantarex FIDS displays

In Eastern and African airport markets what most contractors and system integrators are seeking for their airport displays projects can be summerized in three concepts: “TURN KEY SERVICE”, “COOPERATION” and “FLEXIBILITY”.

GDS-Hantarex listened to this demand, and invested to provide a long term and safe all-inclusive turn-key solution.

“We are meeting out target to penetrate these emerging markets”said Mr. Paolo Landi, senior airport business development manager for GDS-Hantarex. “Rwanda’s case represents a typical achievement: after winning Phase 1 three years ago, our solutions have also now been selected for Kigali’s airport expansion. This just follows on from our recent award at Nairobi, where Phase 2 and 3 had already been awarded.”

“GDS-Hantarex has equipped some of most strategic airports in the world, and thank to its locally certified service teams, now coverig 150 countries, we assure the quickest MTTR ever”, followed Mr. Landi.

“It is very important to be there when a customer needs assistance or customized help. That’s why being able to provide an all-inclusive turn-key service for the required number of years is essential, in “warm” geographic areas. I can also mention our recent successes in the main Iraqi airports, where our displays are being installed: Baghdad, Mosul, Basra and Solymania.”

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