Cerved Rating Agency confirms the public rating A3.1 for Global Display Solutions S.p.A.

Cerved, the Italian rating agency specializing in assessing the creditworthiness of Italian non-financial companies and debt securities issues, has confirmed the rating of A3.1 for the year 2022 to Global Display Solutions Spa (GDS), thus affirming the financial stability of GDS.

The rating underlines the positive effects of GDS’s strategic decisions in a year that has been characterized by a challenging supply chain scenario with a global shortage of raw materials.

To continuously support our customers with the best possible delivery time and smooth operation, we decided to increase our inventory and invest in capital assets. Despite this significant financial choice, we have been able to achieve positive economic results and operational cash flows that have ensured the maintenance of a healthy financial balance. The same positive trend is expected for year 2023 and the following years, also in relation to the favorable competitive position consolidated by GDS over the years, supported by a continuously evolving proprietary know-how due to constant investments in R&D.

GDS Group was established in 2001 as a result of the merger of CA&G Elettronica Spa – headquartered in Vicenza – and the London-based Emco Electronics Ltd., two partners which combine over 40 years of experience in electronics engineering and manufacturing. Currently GDS is a leader in digital displays, LED lighting and printing electronics technology, supplying advanced solutions, products and services on a worldwide basis.

Cerved A3.1 rating – which attests that the company has solid fundamentals and a good ability to meet financial commitments, along with low credit risk, is comparable with the following scores of other leading international agencies

Cornedo Vicentino, December 23rd 2022

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