A trustworthy, innovative and sustainable company

Our identity is built on simple yet precious principles. Choosing GDS means trusting a company whose daily actions move towards always-increasing excellence, the search for a positive impact on the world and meaningful relationships with our partners.

Our actions toward the future

A better world through innovative solutions

Creating cutting-edge technological solutions that improve people’s lives, bring value to society and respect the environment. Rely on future proof products, able to communicate and improve different eco-systems. We aim to create a world in which people love living.

Our values 4 values to set the route

Our values guide us through daily actions and strategic decisions, with the goal to build a shared, sustainable and technological future.


As a constant driver of technological change, innovation guides our research toward engineering excellence, combining industrial precision with artisanal attention to detail. Thoughtful investments allow us to ensure continuous updates of skill and knowledge, and offer our clients the highest return in terms of quality and durability of our technologies.


We believe that technology must serve every living being with responsibility and practicality, while being conscious of the positive impact we can have on society and the environment. For this reason, our solutions follow an eco-by-design production process, with sustainable material and a continuous assessment of our ESG impacts.


Developing every project with strong ethics, upright behaviors, believing in processes and know-how sharing allow us to build meaningful partnerships. We choose local businesses, ensure company integrity by caring for our people and deeply believe in trust as the core value to build every relationship with a new customer.

GLocal mindset

We combine a global perspective with a deep understanding of the local needs, tailoring every project to customers’ and market’s peculiarities. Our worldwide presence translates to expertise in recognizing specific scenarios and in addressing them with the mindset of a local business, deeply interconnected to the social and economical structure.

Past, presence and future

45+ years of pioneering the future

A journey rooted in innovation culture, as constant investments ensure the highest return in quality and durability of skills, technologies and our very own production.

While our gratification is incalculable, numbers can
show the dedication we reserve for our customers.
45 +
years of history
1200 +
employees (20% Engineers)
150 MM+
in US$
10 MM+/year
investment in R&D, in US$
GDS Worldwide A GLocal approach to business

A global perspective and a deep understanding of the local needs are the perfect combination to tailor every project to customers’ and markets’ peculiarities.

Our skills in the fields of optics, electronics, telecommunications and LED technology allows us to offer multiple and complex solutions, applying them to the most diverse context thanks to a global-scale experience in many technological fields.

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Customer satisfaction and leading technologies

Benefit from 45 years of developing and manufacturing leading edge technological solutions, passionately committed to excellence, accountability, outstanding customer service and helping our partners grow and evolve.

Company Overview east
Four businesses, one excellence

Discover our 4 fields of operation, deeply interconnected for tailored and effective solutions.

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