Pioneering the future
for 45+ years and beyond

Our journey has always been rooted in innovation culture to ensure the highest return in technology quality, allowing us to develop a lean production that cuts costs and enhances effectiveness, in order to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly complex industry.

A story of growth, innovation, and success with GDS, pioneering excellence in every endeavor

From the two companies that led to the birth of GDS, to establishing a world wide presence, ours is a story of not taking success for granted, and striving for perfection as new challenges presented themselves. Every opportunity meant new experiences, and the ability to go further in our search for increasingly customer satisfaction and better integrated solutions.

A trustworthy, innovative and sustainable identity

We built who we are around simple yet precious principles, that guide our daily actions towards future proof solutions and a world in which people love living.

Who we are east
Four businesses, one excellence

Discover our 4 fields of operation, deeply interconnected for tailored and effective solutions.

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