DSE 2011: GDS innovative Digital Signage solutions

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Booth 1432, Digital Signage Expo, Feb 23 – 24, Las Vegas, Nevada

GDS’s outdoor and indoor Digital Signage solutions at DSE2011

GDS Displays will be showcasing a wide range of its industry-leading advanced display solutions and its high bright outdoor displays specifically designed for advertisingQSR outdoor menu boardstransportation and public informationretailway finding stations.

The super high bright outdoor range in sizes from 15 to 65 inch is capable of withstanding harsh climates and direct sun light.


The Sirius range of large screens is perfect for advertising and retail promotions. It offers high definition and brilliant colors even in direct sunlight and uses proprietary white LED backlight technology to achieve brightness levels up to 4000 nits. When installed outside a quick service restaurant the Sirius provides excellent viewing range and bright image clarity.

The Midas range (from 32 to 65 inch) with additional  touch screen and in portrait mode, is widely used for way finding stations in outdoor shopping centers and municipalities. This IP65 sunlight readable solution is also ideal for the transportation sector for full outdoor next train indicators and train timetables. The Midas range now includes a brand new 38 inch stretched LCD (1000 nits) suitable for bus and railway stations.

The high bright small screen uses LED backlight technology to obtain a brightness of 2500 nits and can be easily integrated in outdoor kiosks applications. These displays can be offered with an embedded IP addressable pc board and can be optically bonded together behind the same frontal glass to build a tiled display of up to 4 screens suitable for onboard metro maps.

The entire outdoor range features GDS’s proprietary thermal management system that keeps the panel and all internal components at the right operating temperature without the use of additional power consuming air conditioning systems.

The indoor range includes the widely installed D6™ Digital Six Sheets model (65 inch LCD). Provided with ultimate GDS bonding technology that improves contrast and alleviates back-of-glass reflection, the D6 is the preferred solution for indoor and semi-outdoor advertising. Installed in metro stations and shopping malls the D6 delivers daily nonstop promotional advertising and videos.

Amongst the LCD display products, GDS is exhibiting a wide range of full color LED signage of different resolutions and self-service kiosks.

All GDS displays are designed for 24/7 operations, offer a low total cost of ownership, use proven proprietary technologies and can be customized depending on customers specifications and design.

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